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  • Cab Elvis

    Dave Groh, a cab driver who dresses like Elvis, finds himself not only in a battle with the city of Seattle but also the dark side of Elvis.

    Andrew Franks

    Documentary, Portrait | USA | 2016 | 0:10:00

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・Middle Coast Film Festival | 2017 | USA | Official Selection
    ・6thVisioni Courte Int’l Short Film Festival | 2017 | Italy | Official Selection
    ・12thHell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival | 2017 | USA | Official Selection

  • ファイナルセール

    Two girls get in a fight over a red dress and end up destroying the store before they make up.

    Julie Hermelin

    Fiction Comedy | USA | 2006 | 0:12:00

  • Real Artists

    Real Artists, a dark tale set in the near future, is based on Ken Liu’s short story of the same name. Sophia just scored every animator’s dream interview at world famous Semaphore Animation Studios. But when the Creative Director, Anne Palladon, reveals that she knows about Sophia’s fan-edit of Semaphore’s hit film Mythos, Sophia sees her dreams begin to slip away.
    Was it Sophia’s rebel ethos and creative instincts that landed her the invitation? Or is everything not quite as it seems at Semaphore? To maintain her artistic integrity, it’s going to take all of Sophia’s instincts and nerve.

    Cameo Wood

    Fiction, Sci-Fi | USA | 2017 | 0:12:00

  • Struck

    On his way to work one day, Joel (Bodhi Elfman) is impaled through the chest by a three-foot arrow. But it doesn't harm him. And it won't come out. So Joel has to learn to deal - both with ...

    Taron Lexton

    Fiction Fantasy | USA | 2008 | 0:07:00

    Prize & Screenings:


  • Brink 

    One final confession for Jeremy, before all is lost.

    Shawn Christensen

    Fiction Sci-Fi | USA | 2009 | 0:13:00

  • Welcome To Canada

    This short film tells the story of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada after fleeing torture and imprisonment by the Assad regime. While rebuilding his life in Vancouver, he assists newly-arrived Syrian refugee families to resettle, finding new homes and new beginnings.

    Adam Loften, Mary Fowles

    Documentary, Portrait | USA | 2016 | 0:19:26

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・20th Guanajuato Film Festival | 2017 | Mexico
    ・14th Big Sky Documentary Festival | 2017 | USA

  • The Gunfighter

    In a small town in the old west, a lone and weary gunfighter enters a saloon. As he walks through the room, the fight between the gunfighter and the voice will began…

    Eric Kissack

    Fiction コメディー | USA | 2014 | 0:08:36

  • Trivial

    A small town trivia master's livelihood is threatened when a famous friend reappears on Trivia Night after a five-year absence.

    Michael Callahan

    Fiction Drama | USA | 2013 | 0:15:00

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