Cyrus Neshvad


Cyrus Neshvad is a Luxembourgish director with Iranian origins. “son” is his 5th short film. His previous short “Antoine” as well as “son” have been at over a hundred festivals in all and received over thirty awards.


  • The orchid

    Fernand 80 years old is placed in a nursing home against his will by his son. There he gets to know his roommate who has a different outlook of life.

    Fiction Drama | Luxembourg | 2012 | 0:13:00

  • Antoine

    The seventy years old Renee is living with her husband in a small village. They are proud of their doctor son who travels all over the world. But as he is not visiting them anymore, Renee is convinced that she had been a bad mother.

    Fiction Drama | Luxembourg | 2014 | 0:12:00

  • son

    Sebastian, whose son is in the coma, can’t forgive himself for what happened. Slowly he begins to see his son appearing to him strangely.

    Fiction Horror | Luxembourg | 2016 | 0:14:52

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