• Japanese Idol takes a selfie

    This is a very happy story. You can see the cute Japanese Idol who takes a selfie in her room.

    Hiroho Mieno

    Fiction, Horror | Japan | 2016 | 0:02:30

  • Lemon&Letter

    The two of them grow up together and are now high school students.
    This is a story of two children who moved to the island, fell in love, and grew up together.

    Keiko Umenoki

    Fiction, Coming of age | Japan | 2017 | 0:29:54

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・さぬき映画祭2017 | 2017 | 日本 | 優秀企画上映作品/映像特別賞
    ・栃木・蔵の街かど映画祭 | 2017 | 日本 | 準グランプリ

    ・2017 Sanuki Film Festival | 2017 | Japan | Special video award
    ・Tochigi Kuranomachikado Film Festival | 2017 | Japan | Runner up Award

  • to make

    Designing clothes from the textiles. Bonding affection through making. Weaving stories with hands and hearts.

    Kazuma Yano

    Documentary, Branded | Japan | 2017 | 0:14:00 *Selected for Spotlight film

  • The Future Looked Bright

    A young couple hires lawyers to make a relationship contract for their future life together.

    Adrien Lacoste

    Fiction, Drama | Japan | 2017 | 0:12:41

  • And so we put goldfish in the pool.

    This is a true story which took place in Saitama in 2012.
    In the summer of 2012, 400 goldfish were released in the swimming pool of a junior-high school in Sayama Town, Saitama. The culprits: four female students.
    According to the Police statement, the girls “thought the fish would look pretty”. But why did they really do it?
    Based on a true story, this fast-paced short film continually betrays the viewer’s expectations as it explores the feelings of the four girls and their motives, accompanied by a soundtrack of old-time hits including Seventeen and Virgin Blues!

    Makoto Nagahisa

    Fiction, Coming of age | Japan | 2016 | 0:27:39

    Prize & Screenings:

    ・第33回サンダンス映画祭 | 2017 | 日本 | ショートフィルム部門グランプリ
    ・第39回クレルモンフェラン短編映画祭 | 2017 | フランス | インターナショナル部門スペシャルメンション
    ・第1回Moon Cinema Project | 2016 | 日本 | グランプリ作品

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