Kaz Cai


Kaz's directorial works are one woman’s creative stronghold in a male dominated milieu. Her commercial clients include: Cadillac, and CocaCola. As a filmmaker, she is an auteur/director. Her projects have competed and screened at the likes of: Rotterdam, Toronto and Warsaw International Film Festivals.


  • My Last Cigarette With...

    Dom has been tormented by addictions since he was a child. Namely: cigarettes and women. Despite the advice of his grandfather over time, he remains shackled by his obsessions.

    Fiction, Experimental, Drama | China | 2012 | 0:05:00

  • 1000 Cranes

    As long as he can remember, Jude has struggled to find his place in the world. Intent on locating his birth mother, he journeys to Hong Kong with a wish.

    Fiction, Experimental, Drama, Tragedy | China, hong kong | 2013 | 0:15:00

  • The End Is The Beginning Is The End

    A poetic film documenting the protagonist's life after the death of a friend. Traveling from Sweden to Bulgaria, Pati vows to leave the past behind by the shores of the Black Sea.

    Fiction, Drama, Tragedy | Sweden | 2016 | 0:05:05

Rico Mahel


Rico Mahel was born in 1989 in Güstrow, Germany and grew up in Berlin. He first studied photography and received the photography price (appreciation) from OPUS Art Magazine for his work “Soma” in 2011. Since 2011 he studies Directing at German Film- and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) and is writing, producing, directing and editing further short films and music videos.


  • Until We Bleed

    Charlotte is in her mid 20's but still acts like a little child sometimes. A dark secret burdens on her soul about which she does not want to speak.

    Fiction, Drama, Tragedy | Germany | 2014 | 0:24:00

  • Technicolor

    A mysterious man collects 'impressions" from the outside world and eventually brings them to Lunakid who is working on his new music track in a place beyond space and time.

    Fiction, Music Video | Germany | 2016 | 0:05:38

  • Wights in Paradise

    Finding himself in a desolate dimension outside of time, a lone man experiences a dialogue with nature and is offered what might be a second chance to understand the significance of his genesis.

    Fiction, Fantasy | Germany | 2016 | 0:14:29

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