Koji Yamamura


Born on 1964. Mt. Head (02) was nominated for an OscarⓇin 2003 and 6 grand prizes. A member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, A professor of Tokyo University of the Arts.


  • Muybridge's Strings

    Muybridge's Strings observes the ties that cease to bind, fixes its gaze on the course of life, and presents a moment in time suspended on the crystalline notes of a canon by J.S. Bach.

    Animation , Experimental , Historical , Fantasy | Canada | 2011 | 0:13:39

  • The Old Crocodile

    One day the old crocodile met an octopus.

    Animation , Comedy , Fantasy | Japan | 2015 | 0:13:00

  • Satie’s “Parade”

    A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes from Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyond reality.

    Animation , Comedy , Fantasy | Japan | 2016 | 0:14:12

Erick OH


Erick Oh is a Korean filmmaker / artist based in California, USA. His work has been introduced and nominated at numerous international film festivals and galleries including Annecy Animation Festival, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Student Academy Awards, Zagreb Film Festival, SIGGRAPH, Anima Mundi and Ars Electronica. After receiving his BFA from Fine Art Department at Seoul National University and his MFA from UCLA’s film program, Erick joined Pixar Animation Studios as an animator in 2010. ‘The Dam Keeper’, an independent short Erick participated in as a supervising animator was nominated for the Academy Awards in 2015.



    'Symphony' portrays a sentient creature trying to escape from a reality of being swept away and assimilated into the mainstream, regardless of its own will.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2008 | 0:05:18


    'Way Home' is a story featuring a fly, a dung beetle, and a farmer. Through a tragic episode that is also filled with humor and brightness, I would like to give the viewers an opportunity to think about what thAnimation , Video Art | Korea (south) | 2008 | 0:08:50ey are chasing after and what is truly precious in life.

    Animation , Video Art | Korea (south) | 2008 | 0:08:50


    By covering the whole history of communication and media, 'Communicate' shows how humankind has been interacting with one another to reach the true answer of life which is illustrated as a red ball.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2009 | 0:01:30

  • HUBO

    'HUBO' is an entertaining 3D animated short featuring HUBO and his encounter with a not quite typical ball.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2009 | 0:01:50


    An exploration of transcendence. 'Heart' presents questions through abstract metaphors and symbols, illustrated by the human heart.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2010 | 0:08:20


    'How to eat your Apple' surrealistically portrays human nature and its essence in the circle of life, its change and death as shown by re-compositing various symbols and objects.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2011 | 0:01:30

  • O

    'O' is a short animated film that illustrates the passage of time and the creation of the universe.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2015 | 0:03:30


    Gunther's journey to find out who he is still continues even when his friends are
    all starving to death.

    Animation , Video Art | USA | 2014 | 0:06:34

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