HASHI no MUKOU - it was the ill omened world which spreads to a back street.

TSUKAHARA, Shigeyoshi
Animation | Japan | 2012 | 0:10:30


    Woman and man—over coffee. But the conversation triggers memory until Yoko’s past and present weave and welter…. Who is she fighting against?

    Kei Ishikawa
    Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:24:30


      The man set an alarm clock to wake up tomorrow and go to bed. Our viewpoint move back to overview the working of birth and death.

      Tomoki Kurogi
      Animation | Japan | 2013 | 0:03:26

      • Student Director


      Sayo, a single girl works and lives in Tokyo, visits her parents for her 30th birthday one weekend. After arguing with her mother, she runs away to see her ex-boyfriend while Sayo’s parents confront each other.

      Kimie Tanaka
      Fiction | Japan Singapore | 2013 | 0:15:00

      • Student Director

      My socks

      A kid hides the socks at home so his mother won’t be able to find them.

      Ikuo Kato
      Animation | Japan | 2012 | 0:07:14

      • Student Director

      Little Kyota Neon Hood

      A Japanese boy with neon protective hood finds comfort from daily life in a post disaster country - by befriending a foreigner who returns to the town he once fled.

      Satsuki Okawa
      Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:20:03



          Student Director


        Wee Willie Winkie

        The town where a big crayfish appears frequently. The town of love and insanity.

        Yusuke Sakamoto
        Animation | Japan | 2013 | 0:06:40


          One year after the tsunami and earthquake in Tohoku, Taka lives in temporary housing with other refugees and searches for a job. One day, he receives letters from his ex-wife and daughter living in the Philippines. The letters are from a year ago but arriving only now.

          Matsui Masaya
          Fiction | Japan Philippines | 2012 | 0:29:57

            Daily Lives at Daisy Lodge

            The story of Bear, Acorn, Prawn Fritter, and Reading Glasses, or Specs who live in a flat called Daisy Lodge from summer to a winter morning. And it continues to someday when we look back today.

            Manami Wakai
            Animation | Japan | 2013 | 0:08:22

            • Student Director

            GREAT ROMANCE

            A puppet man met a woman of human, and parted.A commonplace life of a couple is drawn with music.A gem of a story about a couple in the world of different scales.

            Kiyoto Kawamura Takashi Iitsuka
            Fiction | Japan | 2013 | 0:07:18

              Yellow Field

              A boy meets a cat in an empty lot , and he goes in imaginations. This story is based on a author's days of the child.

              Youzou Ochiai
              Animation | Japan | 2013 | 0:05:45

              • Student Director

              It’s a MACARONI life

              One day, a dentist have noticed that body of human is like a "Macaroni".
              Since then, all have been visible to Macaroni...

              YOSHINO Kohei
              Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:06:00

                Secret of the Ring

                Tomoko Mizumoto and Kenichi Shindo have been living together for three years. One morning, find something that is ...

                Yuichiro Taniguchi
                Fiction | Japan | 2012 | 0:16:08



                    Student Director

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